CocoJam Tshirt

Kids sizes (S) & (L)£10.00

Adults sizes (S) (M) & (L)£12.00


CocoJam Hoodie

Kids sizes (S) & (L)£15.00

Adults sizes (S) (M) & (L)£18.00

Tracksuit Bottoms

CocoJam Tracksuit Bottoms

Kids sizes (S) & (L)£16.00

Adults sizes (S) (M) & (L)£20.00

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All merchandise to be ordered at classes

All young people are required to wear a Cocojam TShirt or Hoody to all classes and performance training. Merchandise can be ordered at your class.

London’s first choice for street style

About CocoJam

Cocojam provide training for young people to develop and achieve the high level of skills required to compete and perform in today’s ever growing street style industry.

Our blend of experience along woth our commitment puts CocoJam in this unique position, linking world-class street style instructors to our classes.

To book a free class trial call 07595583158 or email us.

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